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Uploading artifacts to maven

  1. On a clean machine follow the guide to setup GPG and the key.
  2. Download a version of jcodec you want to build
    git clone https://github.com/jcodec/jcodec.git
  1. Go inside jcodec folder and execute:
    mvn clean install
    mvn javadoc:jar gpg:sign
    mvn source:jar gpg:sign
  1. Go to https://oss.sonatype.org/
    • Log in.
    • Go to 'Staging Upload'.
    • Under Upload Mode select 'Artifact(s) with a POM'.
    • Select 'pom' from jcodec/target.
    • In Select Artifacts to upload upload the artifacts ( press Add Artifact for each file).
    • Fill in 'Description' field.
    • Then press 'Upload artifacts'.
    • Click on 'Staging Repositories' and find jcodec, it's normally the last one in the list.
    • Verify that everything is fine and that the repository is closed ( no errors found ), check the 'Activity' tab. If something is wrong, fix it ( jcodecproject@gmail.com ).
    • Click on 'Release' on the top of the page.
    • Fill in the drescription, press the button, it should say 'Repository is released'.
  1. The changes will be synced to main maven within a day (most likely immediately).