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Sunday May 4 2013

Exciting news from JCodec!

Yesterday JCodec 0.1.0 has been released.

The new features in this release:

  • JAVA NIO. No more input streams and byte arrays.
  • H.264 Decoder. A complete from-the-scratch rewrite of H.264 decoder. Supports Main profile with CABAC and CAVLC, I/P/B frames. Has been tested on many hours of content. Way more efficient too!
  • H.264 Encoder. Minimal yet working implementation. Produces big but fully working H.264 baseline profile bitstreams ( CAVLC I-frame only, static QP).
  • Matroska ( MKV ) demuxer / muxer. A complete from-the-scratch rewrite of the whole MKV library.

Just a reminder of some of the features already in JCodec:

  • MPEG 1/2 decoder. Supports I/P/B frames and interlaced content.
  • Apple ProRes encoder;
  • Apple ProRes decoder;
  • MP4 ( ISO BMF, Apple QuickTime ) muxer / demuxer.
  • MPEG PS, MPEG TS demuxers;

Heads up for the features in future releases:

  • MXF demuxer;
  • H.264 encoder new features;
  • VP8 encoder;
  • MP3 decoder;
  • AAC encoder;
  • JavaScript H.264 baseline profile decoder;

Please feel free to tell us about the needs in your project and we may incorporate some new features into our roadmap.

The JCodec dev team